Meet the Tot Spot Staff

Our teachers have Alberta Certification and over 70 collective years of teaching experience. They work closely together in the planning of a positive, effective, creative and stimulating program. All teaching staff have standard First Aid and C.P.R. certificates. Meet our staff members for this current year.

Mrs. Hunt
Business Administrator
Mrs. Elliott
Mrs. Crowe (Brosh)
Mrs. Haskey
Mrs. Turnbull
Our Philosophy
Tot Spot is a nurturing school. We take pride in providing children with a warm and caring atmosphere. We firmly believe that play is of utmost importance at this stage of your child's life. We work hard to achieve an appropriate balance between free play, which is so vital to your preschooler's development, and structure, which provides the tools and organization by which your child learns. 

In recent years, educators have discussed the damage that can be done when children are pressured too early to do non-age-appropriate activities. They stress that learning should be interest-based, fun, and should happen naturally through participation in a wide variety of activities. Indeed, through "just play," these young children learn and develop intellectual and emotional and social skills. We offer a separate program for our three-year-olds and four-year-olds to address their different developmental needs. We have created several distinct play areas for children to experience each day. 

Each space provides various activities designed to develop a wide variety of skills. We also include gym time, snacks, stories and songs each day. Tot Spot is a pre-school that values and requires family participation. Your active assistance enriches our program and delights your child. We hope that one of the reasons you chose Tot Spot as your children's pre-school is your desire to be actively involved in your child's educational experience. Studies have shown that early and constant parental involvement increases your child's degree of success in school. We suggest you try to volunteer in your child's class about once a month or as needed. 

We realize that it is not always possible for you to help in the classroom, so you are welcome to have other significant people in your child's life, such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, or nannies, participate.
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