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Located in Lake Bonavista, Tot Spot is one of the best, brightest and most spacious preschools in south Calgary.

Welcome to Tot Spot

Located in Lake Bonavista, we have one of the best, brightest and most spacious preschools in south Calgary. We offer programs for three and four year-olds to enrich your little one’s learning process through interest-based, fun activities. We welcome your children to come and learn through play. Your child will benefit from our targeted learning spaces and participate in a wide variety of activities daily: sand play, building materials, water play, books, listening centre, puzzles, crafts, play dough, stories, songs, gym and imaginative play! Our teachers have Alberta certification and 75 collective years of teaching experience. Come check us out!

February at Tot Spot

This month's theme(s):

* Valentine Kindness and Friendship (All Classes)

* Community Helpers (3 year-old classes)

* Exploring Space and Our Solar System (4 year-old classes)

Registration for the 2024-25 School Year is now underway!

Feb.13th: Valentine’s Day Celebrations for Tues/Thursday morning classes & ALL afternoon classes

Feb.14th: Valentine’s Day Celebrations for Mon/Wed/Fri morning classes

Feb.15th & 16th : Teachers’ Convention – Tot Spot will be closed

Feb.19th : Family Day – Tot Spot will be closed

Feb.27th/28th: Pink Shirt Day (Anti Bullying Day)

Tot Spot Updates

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