TOT SPOT Preschool


This Month at Tot Spot... February 2018

  1. February is an exciting month at Tot Spot! Both the three and four year old classes begin the month with activities focused around Valentine’s Day. Our Valentine celebrations will be held on Tuesday, February 13 (both am and pm classes) and Wednesday, February 14 (am classes only). Children are invited to bring in valentines for their friends that day. We have found it works best if the child puts only his/her own name on the card (eg. From Bob). Our special day this month will be a “Valentine Colour” Day (eg. red, pink, purple or white) to be held on the same day as our Valentine celebration (Feb.13/14)). Wear one or all of these colours this day! After Valentine’s Day , we will be having some special visitors as the three year old classes learn about community helpers. The four year old classes will be busy creating their own book of favourite classic stories.

  2. Once again, we will be making our Tot Spot T-shirts this year. The order forms have now been sent home and are due back on Feb.9. Please remember, as always, this is an optional activity.

  3. A special thank you this month out to:

  4. Melissa (Abby’s mom) and Gita (Hannah’s mom) for the toy donations.

  5. A few reminders:

  6. due to safety concerns, the Tot Spot staff asks that you supervise your child carefully at pick up time. There have been “crashes” in the gym and on the ramp, so please encourage your child to depart in a prompt and safe manner.

  7. if your child is not feeling well, please keep them at home. We know they love to come but keeping them home really helps control the spread of germs.

  8. please make sure your contact information is up to date. If your cell number has changed or you have moved, please let us know.

  9. registration for next year is on-going. At the present time, there are a few morning spots for three year olds as well as afternoon availability for both three and four year olds. A big thank you to all who have recommended us to your friends, neighbours and family!

  10. Dates To Remember:

  11. February 13/14- Valentine Colour Day. Wear your Valentine colours (pink, purple, red or white).

  12. February 13th (both am & pm classes)/February 14th (am classes)- Valentine Celebration. Bring valentines to school for your friends that day.

  13. February 15th & 16th- Teachers’ Convention (Tot Spot will be closed).

  14. February 19th -Family Day (Tot Spot will be closed).

  15. March 24-April 2. Spring break/ Easter. Tot Spot reopens on Tuesday, April 3.

  16. Dad’s Nights- April 10,11,12. Children bring their dad (or another special person) to school in the evening from 6:30-8:00 pm. (Children do not attend classes during the day of their Dad’s night.)

  17. April 10-Tues./Thurs. morning classes.

  18. April 11-Mon./Wed./Fri. morning classes.

  19. April 12-all afternoon classes.