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This Month at Tot Spot... September 2017

  1. Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year at Tot Spot!  Our staff is excited about the upcoming school year and we are looking forward to getting to know each child and their family.  We have many exciting and fun activities planned for the upcoming months.

  2. We begin September with the themes of “I Am Special” and “Fall”.  Each theme is explored through a variety of stories, crafts, gym activities, songs and finger plays. On September 21/22, we will be having a special “Red Day”.  Wear some red and watch for a red craft that day!

  3. To ensure our programs run smoothly, here are a few items we would like you to take a special note of:

  4. doors will be unlocked 5 minutes before school begins and relocked at 9:15 and 1:30. If you arrive late, please knock on the window to have someone let you in.

  5. please make sure you have taken your child to the bathroom before bringing them into the classroom.

  6. as we spend time in the gym each day, please make sure your child is wearing appropriate footwear (running shoes are best). When the weather is wet, children will need to change into dry footwear for school. There are mats in the foyer for wet boots. 

  7. please remember Tot Spot is NUT FREE. Snacks should be from at least two food groups and grapes MUST be cut in half lengthways.  Also, please make sure the water is poured and the snack is set out on a tray before coming into the classroom to help.

  8. if your child is not feeling well, please keep them at home.

  9. please ensure you fill out all the forms COMPLETELY and return them to your child’s teacher as soon as possible.

  10. social services require all hot beverages to be in spill proof containers.  Take out cups (e.g. Starbucks or Tim Horton’s) are not classified as spill proof, so hot beverages need to be put in a different mug if they are brought into the classrooms.  There are mugs available for you to use at Tot Spot.

  11. The I’m For Kids Team is an organization which provides support to preschoolers in the areas of speech and motor skills. Information packages and consent forms will be given out to parents of new students who will be four by March 1, 2018. Screening will take place at Tot Spot on Sept. 19.  Please return your completed forms to Tot Spot as soon as possible to ensure you get an appointment time booked.

  12. We would like you to be aware that there is a child care subsidy available for those that qualify.  For more information, please check out the website at .

  13. After September, the Tot Spot newsletters will be sent to you via e-mail and will arrive in your inbox near the beginning of each month. Please watch for them and make a note of the important dates. We will have a few paper copies of the newsletter available at school if you need one. Information about our school can also be found on our website

  14. We are needing baby food jars with lids for upcoming activities this fall as well as large metal jar lids (from pickles, salsa, etc.).  We would appreciate it if you could bring either one or both to Tot Spot.


  16. September 19-I’m For Kids Team screening day.

  17. September 21/22-Red Day. Wear some red to school!

  18. October 3/4 - Photograph Days. Individual and class photos will be taken.

  19. October 9 - Thanksgiving Day. Tot Spot will be closed.

  20. October 30/31-Halloween Celebrations.


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